Qualifications for voters and candidates for upcoming SU election

Are you ready to be the game-changer during the upcoming campus election this semester? 

If you are a registered student of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and a member of IIUM Student Union, you are eligible to exercise your right to vote in the 2021 IIUM Student Union Election! 

If you wish to play a bigger role in the change, you can also register as a candidate and qualify to contest in this election, provided you are a registered student who is not disqualified from being elected and hold positions in other societies, clubs or Mahallah.

In addition, candidates are required to fulfill several conditions including: 

  • Student is a member of IIUM Student Union (SU);
  • Has obtained a CGPA of 2.80 and above at the time of nomination, or 3.00 and above for the president’s seat at the time of nomination;
  • Has completed at least one regular semester and has yet to undergo at least one academic year to graduate;
  • Has not been required to repeat one or more semesters;
  • By leadership qualities serves as good examples to others by completing the candidate workshop;
  • Has never been convicted of any disciplinary offence;
  • Has good moral character and observes the Islamic code of conduct;
  • Student is not a member of the election committee or Legislative Assembly.

Thus, those who fulfill these conditions and wish to register as candidates may obtain the specified forms for the purpose of nomination at a location determined by the Student Union Election Commission. You will also be required to present your student matric card, proof of SU membership and latest examination slip. 

The IIUM Student Union Election has been confirmed to be conducted online using iTasweet, a new IIUM Online Election Management System. Further updates on the launching of iTasweet and IIUM Student Union Election Notice will be announced on the 15 March on IIUMSU Election Commission’s respective social media pages, such as Twitter @iiumsu_ec

Further details on the regulations for IIUM Student Union Election 2021 can be found on linktr.ee/iiumsuec.***

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