3 free subscriptions for students with .edu email

By Dhiya Damia bt Zuhairul

If you are a student who has an .edu email, it is a waste if it is not used to its full potential as there are many benefits they can get for discounts and free subscriptions by using the email.

First of all, to apply for a free subscription, you need to have an activated .edu email. For example, if you are a new IIUM student, you can check your .edu email status at I-Ma’luum portal > My Services > Mail.

There are many benefits students can have with .edu email but here are the three free subscriptions that I personally found most useful for students to use:

  1. Canva
    It is a famous online website for designing. Students can use the pro plan subscription if they have a .edu email. It has varieties of template options for different layouts from as wide as a poster or as small as logo size. Students can benefit from this website for doing their assignments for free without having to pay RM52.37 monthly for a Pro plan subscription.
  2. Notion
    I have used Notion for my online class. I’ve found that it is quite useful for students. It is a note-taking app that you can use online or offline. Besides, with a .edu email, you can save up to RM16.18 per month for Personal Pro Plan. In my opinion, Notion is better than any note-taking app so far because it has a ‘toggle’ feature that no other applications have.
  3. Microsoft 365
    I am sure this is the most basic that students have been acknowledged by their lecturers. At least for my class, we were encouraged to use Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook for class and assignment purposes. Microsoft 365 has many other features that students can use for their school.

There are many tutorials on how to apply .edu email for free subscription on these that I have mentioned. Students can definitely look up on Google, Youtube or even in Tiktok. It is not as hard as it looks. I would like to encourage students to do this as it can save money for unnecessary paid subscriptions. Happy searching!***

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