COVID 19 update: 1,309 new cases, 3 deaths

By Hafiz Hudri

GOMBAK, 29 November 2020: Malaysia today recorded 1,333 new positive COVID-19 cases today with 1,308 local cases and one imported striking overall a total of 64,485 cases.

There are currently 11,481 active cases that have been reported including 42 intubated cases and 116 cases that have been treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 

In addition, 1,333 additional recovery cases were reported, with a total cumulative discharge of 51,3144 cases (81.2%). Three more deaths involving two local people and one non-Malaysian have been confirmed today, accounting for a total of 357 deaths

Kuala Lumpur leads with the highest number of 493 cases followed by Sabah with 290 cases and Selangor with 238 cases.

As usual, the public are reminded to comply with the SOPs and stay away from 3C (Crowded Places, Confined Spaces, Close Conversation) and practice 3Ws (Wash, Wear, Warn) in order to control the chain of infection. ***

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