Knowing your self potential and ability the key to happiness

By Amirul Ariff

PAGOH, 28 November 2020: A webinar was recently told that knowing yourself is the key to achieving happiness because it is you yourself who would know your self potential and your ability.

A psychology officer at IIUM Pagoh campus, Aina Nadia, who spoke on the topic “Who Am I?” shared her thoughts on how students should learn to know their own personality and their self potential in order to appreciate self love.

The webinar held last Thursday (26 November) on the theme “Are You Okay?” was organised with the objective to help students overcome issues they faced during critical time by recognising their self potential.

“Personality is one of uniqueness that exists in human being,” Aina said.

She stressed that everyone’s personality is different. “It is a lifelong process to know about yourself and also you will always learn about yourself based on the way you think.”

“Therefore, you need to start knowing yourself by accepting who you are first, and then you need to take some time to digest your emotion.”

Aina Nadia, holder of Vice Chancellor’s award in counselling studies, reminded the students to seek professional help if they think that they could not handle their personal problems.

“If you think you cannot face your problem alone, I strongly advise you to seek professional help,” she said.

Meanwhile, the second speaker, Aiman Azlan, who spoke on the topic ‘Be Bold, Be Vulnerable’ said that “nobody can help you, it’s you who should convince yourself.”

He told the audience that this is the beginning of the process of being bold and once they are already in the zone, it is going to be easier for them to face the fear.

He stressed that people should be well informed, meaning that they need to have the right knowledge and skills to handle the problem.

“You need to filter out the bad influence from good influence,” he said. “For any decision in life, you need to make istikharah and then you will decide, whatever happens after that is khair (goodness).”

Aiman concluded saying that “you need to experience a healthy level of friction in your life so that you will become sharp.”

The two-hour session organised by Mahallah Zaid bin Harithah in collaboration with PERKIM and IKLAS was streamed though Facebook live and watched by more than 100 people.

The session was moderated by Farah Khairil.

For any inquiries refer Facebook @Mahallah Zaid bin Harithah. ***

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