SKP’s food distribution in conjunction with Maulidul Rasul

By Nurfatihah Irdina

GOMBAK, 31 October 2020: The weekly food distribution carried out by Students’ Kitchen Project (SKP), a non-profit organisation which has been running for five years, continued to take a stand in conjunction with Prophet Muhammad’s birthday celebration.

SKP food distribution project collaborated with Spiritual and Islamisation bureau of Secretariat of Psychology (PSYCSTA), which successfully echoed the meaning of the celebration by sponsoring 650 extra packs of nasi tomato. This is 150 more than what is usually distributed, with an additional 650 packets of Gardenia bread that came in assorted flavours to commemorate the special day.

This has led to students awaiting in long lines and socially distanced with face-masks on, ready with the QR code scanner installed in their gadgets with immense sabr to secure the limited food provided. The number of ambitiously food driven students multiplied by five as minutes quickly progressed into the evening—a tremendous improvement to the growth of this project.

Taking place at various locations such as the Mahallah cafeteria, parking lots and others, the project decided to take on a different route by blaring salawat from speakers and the voice of IIUM students themselves throughout the whole food distribution process. An initiative was taken to instil a deeper sense of humanistic values in the students.

On the first week of conditional movement control order (CMCO), in just a blink of an eye many packed their bags quickly abandoning their belongings at respective rooms. But unlike those with privilege, stranded students who decide to stay on campus by choice all at once began to receive endless coming in-calls and voice notes from distressed relatives and parents, concerned of their wellbeing.

The problem was quickly resolved with the help of SKP Food Project distribution. The project built on the basis of helping students from all walks of life managed to persist for three whole weeks.

The project has proven to lessen the burden of students who are struggling financially. As a result, needy students continue their online studies without the idea of starvation lingering in the back of their mind. To simply put, students no longer worry about what they’re having for dinner.

Aside from that, SKP Food Project not only distribute food but they also contribute essentials such as a bottle of mineral water, a pack of biscuit, pudding, orange and others in previous events.

“I am thankful to receive free food from the university in these trying times. Seeing students from other universities receive free food, I had doubts about whether we will receive one ourselves, but to my surprise, I received more than expected. That being said, I can focus better in completing my assignments.” said 23-year old Fariyan, a student in her last semester from Kulliyyah of Education.

The project alone couldn’t strive without student volunteers. As such, student volunteering comprising of students from all backgrounds and age played a significant role in assuring that the project flows smoothly as intended.

During the event, every Mahallah contributed around five students to assist in handing out the food at 5p.m until 6p.m.

Tamanno, second-year student from Uzbekistan currently pursuing a Master’s in Education, said that this project has helped her in some ways to improve her network skills as well as to build a strong purpose of making contribution to the society.  

“For example, while waiting for brother Wan Ahmad Zakir to arrive at drop points from Monday to Thursday, I managed to befriend other volunteers who shared the same value as I do .” ***

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