The ways to open our heart from Surah As-Sharh

By Aqilah Alya

GOMBAK, 18 September 2020: “There are many ways for us to open our heart as it also symbolises the peace that we gain,” said Assoc Prof. Dr. Akmal Khuzairy who was the guest of a virtual programme Tafseer Series Project.

He said that the ways to open our heart is by knowing that one day we will die and everything in this world is not permanent, and which we cannot bring to the hereafter.

“Then, we have to change our perspective by taking note of the lesson after every hardship that we go through.”

Next, he said, we should not pay too much attention towards the problem that Allah has given us because it is not fair to be like that when we also gain various types of rezeki or fortune.

“Hence, we have to have good thoughts towards Allah.”

The last one is that “we have to look at the people who go through worse hardship than us such as Prophet Muhammad SAW and always be grateful to Him”. Therefore, he said, we will gain happiness after every hardship.

The programme was brought by the Quranic Youth Club and was held on Thursday (17 September) from 9.00 pm until 10.00 pm through Google Meet.

With the theme “Happiness Comes After The Hardship” he peeled the input of Surah As-Sharh, verse one to eight, explaining the tafseer of these verse thoroughly without missing any point. He also gave some ways on how to open our heart. ***

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