KOD to review its academic programme to embed soft skills

By Danial Yusof

KUANTAN, 25 August 2020: The Kulliyyah of Dentistry (KOD) needs to figure out its programme’s objectives for post-COVID19 situation and plan on which objectives that have been getting less attention from the kulliyyah, Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Razak said on Wednesday (19 August).

The Rector said that the situation of post-COVID19 has changed the education system in which the grading system is no longer the main concern as it has been replaced by the impact it has on the society. KOD is the only kulliyyah that has embedded soft skills in its course work and he suggested for the Kulliyyah to offer it from the first year of students’ study plan.

“The kulliyyah has done very well and we need to find out what is the thing that they can do that other universities and places have not done.”

The Rector suggested for the Kulliyyah to act fast on its curriculum subject so that other kulliyyahs will follow. He added this is the time for IIUM to change its academic review in which the function of the kulliyyah is not limited for transferring knowledge but also to include the spirit of humanity.

“One of the things that we talked about was how the kulliyyah can attend to the dental needs of special children particularly for those who are experiencing autism and of similar situations.

I am impressed with KOD’s flagship projects to serve the special community and I hope this flagship can be contested in the International Green Gown Awards under benefiting the society category,” the Rector added.

Meanwhile, according to the Dean of KOD, Asst. Prof. Dr. Salwana Supa’at, the Kulliyyah will work on the Rector’s suggestion to modify its academic plan.

She added since the students’ intake for each semester is around 60 students, and the Kulliyyah may focus to embed the students with humanity spirit and of those that benefit the society.

“To build soft skills among the students, I am sure we can start from the first year of the study but the difference might be from the activities because first and second year students will learn about basic medical sciences and not dealing with patients, yet so they have more time to develop their soft skills through peers and have activities among them.”

The Dean commented on the Kulliyyah’s flagship programme called “I Do Care” which focuses on special people with special needs.

“We have our own specialist in the area of special dental needs or we call it special care, and we are going to expand the services in the future,” the Dean added. ***

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