Mahallah and Kulliyyah to work together to benefit residents

By Danial Yusof

GOMBAK, 13 August 2020: “The mahallah must work together with the kulliyyah in providing beneficial activities as part of their contributions for the students,” Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak said during his session with Mahallah Representatives at Senate Hall, IIUM campus here yesterday (12 August).

He said that the university should not put aside the function of the mahallah in the campus. IIUM staffs, who have been nurtured with the term of K.C.D.I.O, tend to forget about mahallah which is an essential body in the university for efforts in managing the welfare of the students.

“What I see today in which I might be wrong, the kulliyyah is operating on one side, while the mahallah is operating on the other side, whereas the students are the same. If we can join together, the students will have more comprehensive activities.”

The Rector mentioned about lack of numbers of involvement among academic staffs in mahallah, therefore IIUM will have to increase the number of academic staffs to get involved, at the same time to give exposure on activities in the mahallah and vice versa for the kulliyyah to know the activities of mahallah.

“I think we are just exploring what is the best way to make these two entities work together for the benefit of the students and for the staff. We will see in what ways both parties can give the best impact,” he added.

According to the Principal of Mahallah, Asst. Prof. Dr. Sufian Hamat, the mahallah is looking forward to having more programmes involving coordinators and participants from the kulliyyah.

“We have received the encouragement from top management, therefore we will do even better this time around with the increase in the number of academicians coming from the kulliyyah. Whereby all along we have only focused on mahallahs’ community.”

“After this the team will be even bigger and with a higher impact with cooperation from the kulliyyah, as well as to break the gap for the benefit of the students,” he added. ***

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