Plan your activities for #StayAtHome

By Aisha Malek

#StayAtHome. The same tagline and trademark has been used by all around the globe. It’s a reminder on restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19 virus which have invaded many countries. We need to understand that the movement control was imposed by the government to break the chains of transmission of the virus. 

This lockdown in every country was implemented differently in time and was started in China on 23 January, followed by other countries such as Italy on 9 March. In Malaysia, the restrictions started on March 18 for the first phase.The MCO is an order that required the public to stay indoors wherever they are to avoid social contact, including students who are staying in campus. 

Currently, we are in the third phase in which any violators can be charged in court instead of just paying RM1,000 fine for leaving their home or shelter without any good reason or approval. 

Staying at the same place either at home or in campus for more than a week makes everyone feel bored, so here are some recommended activities for us to spend our time during the MCO: 

Focus on personal development 

Everyone has a talent! Surely, this holiday we get to spend some time to focus on ourselves to figure out our hidden talent, to make future planning for personal achievements. For example, learning to bake cakes and play instruments. Let’s get to know yourself more! Also, we can spend more time doing physical exercises and achieve our dream body. 

Cleaning up room 

I believe in everyday classes, students mostly have no time to clean their room thoroughly. Usually students would just do the cleaning that is too obvious. So, this is the time for students to clear out the dusts that have been hidden under your bed! 

Spending quality time with family/friends 

I know it’s hard when most friends have gone home right after the MCO was announced, but it does not mean you can’t spend your time with family. Other than family members, you could also hang out with friends online via applications such as Zoom, Skype, playing games in Plato and also video call while playing games in “Houseparty”. 

Read informational sources 

Most people would buy many books and plan to read it later. So this the right time to read the book you have acquired. Other than books, let’s take this time and space to let increase our knowledge through playing games and mastering additional languages. Apply for online courses. 

Despite not being able to spend our time outside, we have to believe that Allah plans the right thing at the right time. Though many plans have to be postponed, believe me that The Creator knows best. ***

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