All-Star Converse sneakers: comfortable and stylish

By ‘Ain Nabihah

What’s the last pair of shoes you bought? Let me guess. Sneakers. This type of shoe is recognised all over the world nowadays. It makes people go crazy from the humble white basic design to the thousands of dollars designer collection on every foothold.

They are the hot items that people want to grab and wear. They have been embraced by wildly diverse group, including the streetwear youngster, the preppy dress and the high-fashion stylist. It just fits perfectly!

This sneaker can fetch some striking sum such as the Classic Air Jordan which can go up to $2000. With this sum, you can pay for your monthly grocery. However, don’t worry, I have the perfect solution for those who want to start and fit in this hype society.

Converse All-Star is the best shoe brand for the beginners. Beginning in 1908, the maker, Marquis Mills Converse founded the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, Massachusetts. The brand was known under the label “Non-Skids” as a professional sports shoe. This simplistic canvas sneaker was to be the precursor to a trend of fashion that would hit the world for decades to come.

Events first took off in 1921, when the organisation was joined by a young semi-pro basket-baller, Chuck Taylor. He applied his concept to help the company improvise the design by the durability and protection of the leg, a stylistic makeover and the application of the star-shaped patch to the inner ankle, bearing the man’s own logo.

Today, Converse All Star is the fashion icon that is always a dream shoe for teenagers. I became a sneaker head when I started to buy their maroon women cut shoe. It was comfortable, easy to match with any outfit and affordable. Ever since, I have been a big fan of the brand.

Someone said that “when you start to wear Converse, you will always come back for more”. They are much more than a hero of your shoe collection. Its footwear is widely celebrated by the people because of the simple and classic which to them is the definition of a great design.

What made Converse All Star the finest? Versatility in putting our outfit together. It’s like a shoe’s photo filter that can be paired with any casual style you might think of or a suit for the right occasion.

We can keep listing every possible way to wear a pair of these legendary staples forever, but the best thing in the true All Star sense is to keep it simple. A plain or printed sweatshirt, jeans, black scarf and a fresh pair of white Converse would be an easy and basic manner to go out with your friends.***

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