Future plan, not merely an illusion but a big dream

By Sarah Rashdi

Life is like a pure white piece of paper waiting for human beings to paint and splash some colours on its surface to create pictures. However, it leaves you with only two available outcomes, either ordinary or extraordinary.

Surely, we want to create images that can pull our self-pleasure to the maximum level. It is the ultimate aim for people all around the world to have a better life, including me.

But, is there any specific way that you could build a shortcut trail to achieve what you desire the most in this life? It is undeniably true that human beings are impatient and want everything to run flawlessly. If Doraemon’s “Anywhere Door” is really invented in real life, I bet it will be sold out seconds after it enters the market.

On the contrary, future plan requires you to make a lot of efforts and sacrifices to turn the dreams into reality.  As people say, good things take time. It is obviously impossible for normal people like us to snap our finger like how Thanos did that could bring a whole new degree of changes in life in just a blink of an eye.

Also, we are not naturally born with superpowers like what have been portrayed in the movies that are clearly absurd. However, Allah gifted human beings with rational minds to differentiate between mankind and animals. Therefore, human beings are advisable to make use of it prudently before they lose their precious sanity.

If you got stuck in a maze, what would be the most useful tools that could lead you to the way out? You searched for scissors or knives around you but sadly not even a sign of it is seen near you. The only thing that is available is your gifted rational mind. Hence, I believe planning is one of the most powerful and effective ways to deal with the chaotic situation.

However, the outcomes are not immediately noticeable. Also, sketching the future that is far from your ability to predict it requires you to be prepared for the repercussions that might come along the way while carrying out your plan.

Surely, there is a possibility for you to feel exhausted and give up in finishing what you have started. For instance, you have already created 1001 plans to help you find the way out from the maze but none of them seems to work. Your mind immensely goes blank and you end up in a misery. However, you need to realise one important thing in which you are not alone in this world and never will be because Allah is always there to help you.

If you wish for some enlightenment, ask for it. Allah mentioned in the Quran (94:5-6) that after every hardship there will be ease.  This verses clarify that Allah indeed knows what is best for His creation. Allah lets us experience hardship because He wants to create a better opportunity for us in learning and taking lessons from past mistakes. Therefore, instead of always wanting the sunshine we must also learn to accept the rain.

A History major student, Ain Nur Farhana Zakaria, shared that her life would definitely turn out miserable without any future planning as she might hastily make decisions without considering the aftermath. As the vision gets narrowed, it increases the possibility of being trapped in a state of confusion and concealed the mind from seeing which decisions are actually good or bad for oneself.

She also emphasised that having a big dream helps to provide self-satisfaction. If we want to build a house in three years span that specifically follows the details of how the dream house should be we need to start making a plan. Surely, you would feel satisfied after you have successfully achieved it.

According to Aqilah Alya Mohd Zamri, a Psychology student, “future planning is essential to boost your creativity and naturally unleash the passion that is embedded in the inner part of your soul.”

She said the effort will only happen when there is a dream to be unlocked. “It is hardly to avoid any shortcoming that will exist alongside the journey,” she said.

Thus, we need to be physically and mentally prepared for it and be firmed with our dreams. As stated in the Quran (3:159), we shall put trust in Allah after we make decisions because He is the best of planner and knows the best for us.

Therefore, you better start creating your future plan now because there is no reason for you not to do so.

Businessman Jack Ma once said, “We are never lack of money. We lack people with dreams, who can die for those dreams.” With that being said, future plans are not just mere illusions but are indeed big dreams for those who can dream.***

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