Global Ummatic Festival ’19: Indonesia overall winner

By Nur Aina Islami

GOMBAK, 20 December 2019 – Indonesia appeared as the winner in cultural performance and became the overall champion in the Global Ummatic Festival (GUF) that took place recently. Indonesian team defeated other teams from 12 countries.

Students from Palestine, Somalia, China, Malaysia, Sudan, Chad, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Comoros, Singapore, Guinea and Yemen presented a variety of cultures from their respective countries at the IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC).

“Most of the performers were actually not dancers and had no prior dance experience. But given the high morale and discipline training they can perform well,” said the coach of Indonesia performance, Nur Aina Islami.

The head of performers, Reiza Aufa Ulwan said that this achievement can be materialised, thanks to routine training and high dedication of the dancers.

“My observation, they succeeded in displaying the perfect show so that it received awards from the judges and the audience. I really appreciate their efforts,” said Reiza.

Indonesian team consists of 34 performers, four managers, a treasurer, head of performance, and head of Indonesia GUF 2019. They have been practicing on their performance for one and a half months.

Reiza also said, “The performers are high spirited. They were very obedient to the coach, so, our training exercises run optimally. From the video I saw, on the stage, they showed an epic performance to the judges and audiences. I really appreciate all the performers.”

Final day of Indonesia Cultural Performance on Global Ummatic Festival 2019
Winner of Sister’s Night Cultural Performance of GUF 2019, Winner of Cultural Performance of GUF 2019, and overall Winner of GUF IIUM

The Head of Indonesia for GUF 2019, Maharani Setia Putri, also expressed her gratitude: “I feel really grateful as Indonesia won the first place in the cultural performance. We are glad to be able to maintain this success from last year.

Honestly, I was not expecting that we could win the Ladies Night and Futsal competition. It’s a blessing that our efforts and hard work in the past 2 months has brought us to this success. Indonesia supporters are also part of this success and achievements. I think they support in every competition that we joined motivates us to give our best.”

Indonesia participated in GUF every year as it is a prestigious cultural event of IIUM.***

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