Zulfekar wins Heart of Gold award

By Amir Azmir and Luqman Waqiuddin

GOMBAK, 18 December 2019: Muhammad Zulfekar bin Khairul Anuar, a final year student in the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS), was declared one of the winners of the Heart of Gold award.

The award was normally given to those who have made major contributions to their respective clubs and societies.

He received the award during the annual Censerve Appreciation Night in a celebration held on Monday (16 December) from Deputy Rector (Student Development and Community Engagement), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zulkifli bin Hasan.

The annual Censerve Appreciation Night 2019 was celebrated by honouring 17 clubs under Censerve for their contributions to the university and volunteering activities for the community.

A Bachelor of English Language student, Zulfekar was the president of Sendi Club for two years. He was also the previous tenure’s chairman for the Censerve’s Board of Presidents and is currently working as a part-timer in Censerve office. He has been a part of Censerve for almost four years.

“Actually, I was quite shocked because even though I was part of the office, I didn’t know that my name was listed among the winners,” said Zulfekar when asked about his feelings after receiving the award.

Zulfekar receiving the Heart of Gold Award from the Deputy Rector

Zulfekar believed that it is important for students to be involved in extra-curricular activities because through activities outside of class, they can discover their talents better and improve their soft skills and leadership.

“If you don’t join clubs like this, you won’t find your hidden talent,” Zulfekar said.

His advice to all IIUM students is to join any club in the university. Zulfekar had encouraged students to join clubs that are community engagement-based such as the ones under Censerve or any club that brings students outside the university to interact with society.

In his opening speech, the Deputy Rector said that Censerve is the main body of the university to accentuate the vision and mission of IIUM to society.

He quoted in his speech the words of the Prophet which means, “the best among you are those who are most beneficial to mankind.”

Based on the Prophet’s words, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zulkifli stressed on the importance of being beneficial to every human being regardless of religion and skin colour.***

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