‘Africa Rise Summit’ instils entrepreneurship and futuristic mindset

By Reem Ahmed 

GOMBAK, 11 December 2019: In conjunction with Global Ummatic Festival 2019, a summit titled “Africa Rise” was conducted on Friday and Saturday last week (6 and 7 December) at lIUM Cultural Centre (ICC) Hall, in Gombak campus here designed to instil an entrepreneurial and futuristic mindset within the African youth community in Malaysia.

The summit was also intended to highlight the significance of social finance and identify vital investment opportunities, and to offer expert advice on career path development for students and young professionals.

It consisted of four different sessions: Conference, Pro-biz (business presentation by selected young entrepreneurs), African Bazaar and two Workshops.

Six main speakers led the discussion in two sessions, discussing first business association and development in areas that African students and young professionals ought to explore in the continent. The second session focused more on the technological front such as identification and verification of technologies, telecommunication, blockchain, and infrastructure development.

In the workshop slot, the first workshop discussed modern entrepreneurship that highlighted the significance and techniques of branding products by Mugis Ibrahim, Regional Ambassador of TUNZA Eco Generation. 

The second workshop focused on career path development explaining the basic skill sets necessary for an entrepreneur and identifying a career path that best suits an individual based on their educational background. It was conducted by Dr. Umar Oseni, acting CEO of the International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation. 

Meanwhile, the business presentation (Pro-Biz) was proffered by four shortlisted entrepreneurs and young professionals discussing projects related to social finance or investment opportunities for members of the community which are applicable on the African market. ***

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