Power of resumé in job application

By Ahmad Muadh Bin Zainal Ali

GOMBAK, 6 December 2019: It would only take 3 to 7 seconds for the employer to review the resumé of candidates seeking for employment, hence, small details should be emphasised to gain attention.

This was highlighted by Amalina Azhar, a representative from Graduan Executive in the slot “Resume Writing and Winning Interview” at the “Fly High 7.0” on Thursday (5 December).

“Among those details include basic font sizing (which is 11 or 12), usage of basic colours (not more than 3), and an organised presentation of information,” Amalina stressed.

The discussion was about how to improve the impression of resumé when submitting application for employment to the companies.

For the contents of the resumé, she mentioned how qualifications shown are only valid for the period during university and onwards. “High school achievements should not be included in the resumé.”

Amalina gave proper sequence of information for preparing covering letter as follows:

1) Introduction (includes place of study, course majored and position applied)

2) Emphasise on course majored

3) State reasons on applying for the company

4) Final remarks

Miss Amalina also said, “Please avoid using the first pronoun, I, when writing your resumé.” She emphasised on how common mistakes like this would make the resume be discarded even though good qualifications and achievements are shown.

For further information, readers can visit @Graduan on Instagram or contact the office number (+60342703270). For more updates on Fly High 7.0, visit IIUM Student Career Team on Instagram @isctiium.

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