Workshop on “Protection Against Child Sexual Abuse”

By Amirah Atiqah bt Adrein

GOMBAK, 14 December 2019: A workshop on “Protection Against Child Abuse” led by a social advocate Firzana Redzuan, aimed at creating awareness on the issue amongst students, was held last Tuesday (2 December) at the Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws (AIKOL).

Organised by Basic Counselling 2 skills class (CCCS 3232) Section 1 in collaboration with a registered NGO, Monsters Among Us (MAU), the workshop was attended by approximately 40 students.

Programme manager, Nur Sorfina binti Roslan said that the reason why they chose “Protection Against Child Abuse” as a topic for discussion in the workshop is because she believes that this is a rampant issue that needs to be addressed urgently. 

“Child sexual abuse cases, as you can see from the news, even from the social media, has been increasing lately all over the place. So, I think it is a good platform for us students to equip ourselves with the knowledge on the topic,” Sorfina said.

Sorfina stated that after discussing with Firzana, she decided to make this event as a workshop and within a small scale, instead of a usual big talk because they want the participants to have hands-on experience in being involved in this crucial discussion for them to see the severity and importance of this issue. 

Firzana expressed the hope that this workshop will help produce at least another 40 students who can help increase awareness on child sexual abuse to society and help child sexual abuse survivors to live a better life. ***

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