“Blessed to graduate with dad at same Convo” – Hadjer

By Alya Nadiah

GOMBAK, 24 November 2019: Sharing our proud moment with our parents as audience is amazing, but having a parent as a convocation mate is indeed a blessing.

What can make a graduand be happier other than having our family member right beside us during graduation? Hadjer Khiati was blessed with an interesting story of graduating together with her beloved father during the IIUM 35th Convocation ceremony today.

Hadjer Khiati, a psychology major and communication minor student had the golden chance to graduate not only with her friends, but together with her father, Mr. Mansour Khiati who graduated with a masters degree in social foundation of education.

It was never in her plan to graduate with her father because he was supposed to graduate when Hadjer was still in her first year, however, due to his research, he was not able to graduate on time. Yet, she was delighted to know that her father will be going to the convocation with her this year, but who doesn’t?

Being able to finally graduate is one thing, but watching your father on stage receiving his scroll is something to cry about. Her happiness caused her to shed tears just talking about how happy she is to be able to share this wonderful moment with the person whom she loves the most. “I don’t think there is a word that could describe my feelings, I am happy and proud to be his daughter.”

Sister Hadjer shared a story on how she was able to convince her father to attend his own graduation. During the registration for the convocation, her father said that he did not want to attend and told her to not register the convocation for him because he is not young anymore but Hadjer followed her heart and registered for him hoping that she could convince him to attend the convocation before the robe collection, and thankfully he was convinced to receive his scroll during convocation, and it will be the moment not only for him, but also his family that will always be cherished.  

Mr. Mansour finally received his masters degree at the age of 60 and he was never ashamed to admit it. Moreover, his children are very happy and proud to share this moment with him.

Mr. Mansour in robe with his family

“My father received his masters at 60, my mother is 56 and still seeking knowledge in Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). They came to Malaysia to support me and have been my best friends ever since.

I just want to say here that age doesn’t matter in education. Go after your dreams no matter how long it takes,” said Hadjer.

“My father is still studying and his classmates are younger than his children,” she added.

So what is our excuse?

Sister Hadjer in robe with his beloved family.

Hadjer is currently doing her masters in neuroscience at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Kelantan and hopes to graduate with her masters together with her mother in PhD. ***

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