Winds of Change in KIRKHS

By Nadhira Maizam

GOMBAK, 12 November 2019: The Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS) will have their very first ballot for the upcoming Kulliyyah-level election for the new tenure 2019/2020, KIRKHS Students’ Society (KIRKHSSS) announced.

The general election grants students the authority to elect their faculty leaders from those whom they believe are able to perform the responsibilities and operate the society effectively and efficiently.

In the previous tenures, the student leaders were selected through interview and syura.

As underlined by IRKHSSS, the process is accompanied by five fundamental elements before it can fully operate for the election.

  1. The change of structure and method of selection requires amendments of the constitution which necessitates a suitable amount of time. Hence, the election will be carried out in February.
  2. An Election Committee (EC) will be established to construct amendments for the constitution and devise the best mechanism for the election to be passed and presented during the Annual Grand Meeting (AGM).
  3. A Caretaker line-up will be established in IRKHSSS until election period in February 2020.
  4. The agenda of the AGM will focus on the constitutional amendment and announcements of the Caretaker lineup, in addition to the annual reports.
  5. Continuous political awareness and participation programmes or campaign for both IRK and HS students will be carried out.

In the spirit of democracy, the society hopes for a great improvement with the election of students who have quality and experience in leadership, rather than political affiliation or proxy.

The communal trust and support from students through the new electoral system at the same time will guarantee the selected leaders in the society to successfully execute their roles in maintaining welfares and needs of the students, KIRKHSSS assured.

Moreover, the implementation of the new system is also in conjunction with the establishment of Student Union (SU) that returns the trust to our students.***

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