Five easy ways to learn Arabic language

By Rorny Hanafy 

Many people believe that learning Arabic language is more difficult than learning English. Most IIUM communication students have stated that they are worried about Arabic language course, which is a compulsory subject to take before graduation.

However, based on my own experience, learning Arabic is easier and faster than English. Here are the five easy techniques to advance your Arabic:

Make it interesting
To advance in Arabic, you have to prepare yourself to be interested in the language. Interesting is the key of learning something. To create the interest in our mind, you may ask yourself that if I love Islam, I have to learn the Islamic rules. If I have to know about the Islamic path, I have to learn the Arabic language because all Islamic rules are written in Arabic. Based on this idea, “I really love Islam, I try to learn about the Islamic law, due to Al-Quran and Al-Hadiths are written in this language, that should be the highest motivation to make me wanting to learn this language.”

Put it into Practice
Putting into practice is the second step that may help you advance this language. Daily practices in speaking, writing, listening and reading will help you to be fluent in the language. You may set your schedule probably until you can practice it on time. In addition, you should put it in your mind that there is no skills gained until you put it into practice.

Make comparison 
The third step is compare the pronunciation of Arabic words with your own words in your language. Comparison works to remind you to remember the Arabic vocabulary and sentences. In my experience, I always practice this technique to improve my Arabic vocabulary, such as “qalamun” means “pen”. I used this technique by comparing “Qa” as “the name of person”. “La” means “say good bye”, “MUN” is the name of person. Hence, in Arabic it is “Qalamun”, which in my language it is “Mr. Qa says good bye to Ms. Mun”. You may choose the name of your close friend to make comparison. It helps you to remember easily.

Learn the irregular verbs
Learning irregular verbs (zaraf) is the most important part of learning Arabic language. It helps you to know how to use the language in the correct formula. Because Arabic language uses different words for men and women, when remembering the irregular verbs in Arabic, you can easily  use the language in advance.

Say “No” to “Shy”
You have to set your mind to say “no” to “shy” to learn this language. “Shy” will make you quit, hence, non-practice at all. Make mistakes while you are learning. If you are not making mistakes it means you are not learning the language. You should learn from the kids how they learn the language. They practice it every day. No shy, but make it fun. ***

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