University life for freshmen: Good or bad depends on you

By Maisarah Muhammad Rashdi

GOMBAK, 28 September 2019 – Feeling anxious and nervous kept on bothering the freshmen before starting their life as undergraduate students at the university.

However, their worry has now somewhat vanished as Pembina Club arranged a programme on Thursday night (26 September) to enlighten the students regarding life in a campus. Three panelists from different background, age and experience shared their thoughts and gave tips on Kickstart Your Campus Life.

The stage got heated up by the first panelist, Hilmi Rosli, and the issue shared by him touched the student’s heart – the purpose of life.

“Do something that give benefit to other people because that’s the purpose of our life. As our Prophet Muhammad SAW mentioned, the best of man is the one who gives benefits to the other man,” said Hilmi Rosli..

Moreover, students were also given the exposure on tips to attain good results every semester. Irdina Hakimah was given the honour to dig deeper regarding the topic. “You should put religion on the highest level because that is the key to success by many of the prominent Muslim scholars,” Irdina Hkimah said.

On the other hand, it is also important for university students to know how to cope with mental health problem that could shackle them. The message conveyed on this topic was successfully delivered by Saiful Redza.

“Nowadays, many students are faced with stress but they do not know that they are stressful. You need to study more about yourself first to get to know yourself better. A problem is a problem if you think that it is a problem,” Saiful Redza said.

Therefore, Saiful Redza called on the new students “to explore and rebrand yourself and know who you are”.

The programme organised by Pembina Club provided the students with lots of useful tips. However, how the students wanted their life to be in campus would rest very much in their hands as they have the power over their choice. ***

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