SRC to raise mineral water issue

By Maisarah Mijar

GOMBAK, 27 September 2019 – The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) is expected to raise the issue on the banning of mineral water in campus in the upcoming University Authority Member (UMC) meeting.

Alternatively, SRC will be suggesting to the university’s management to increase the number of water dispenser around the campus. SRC will also be suggesting an initiative on recycling campaigns to increase more recycle bins in campus, and ensuring maintenance for the dispenser machines to perform well, and a coordination for all hydration stations.

Recently, with the commencement of the new session 2019/2020, the IIUM’s administration has executed a plan to go greener on campus which includes the banning of bottled mineral water sold at every nook and corner in the university campus.

This had caused an uproar from the students’ community. Most of the students had complained regarding the inadequacy of accessibility to water dispenser.

They were also furious because they felt that the banning was illogical as the selling of carbonated and unhealthy drinks are still made available at cafes, kiosks and vending machine.

They regretted that the mineral water which they considered much needed for human body has been banned.

Aware of the situation, the SRC has quickly come to the rescue. The management has come to a decision where they decided to temporarily allow for the sales of bottled mineral water until further announcement be made. ***

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