“World of Compassion”, theme of World #QuranHour

By Dayang Nurramizah

GOMBAK, 1 June 2019: The World #QuranHour held on 25 Ramadan 1440H (Thursday, 30 May) with the theme ‘World of Compassion’ is an effort to establish a solidarity platform capable of unifying the global ummah under the banner of Al-Quran whilst capturing the spirit of the last 10 blessed days of Ramadan.

Read-Understand-Apply Al-Quran is a tagline to encourage every individual to interact with Al-Quran through reading, understanding and applying it. It is an effort to instil the soul of compassion until it becomes a way of life. Hence, it has been proven the significance of mosques as mentioned in history to unify the ummah.

Located at the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (SHAH) mosque, IIUM, the programme was attended by special guest, the Timbalan Yang di-Pertuan Agong, who is also the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Shah. Also attended the event were celebrities such as Norman Hakim, Kareef Daniel Abdullah (known as Mat Dan) and Wan Aminuddin Wan Ismail, the famous singer.

The event was meant to inspire the human race to reach their full potential based on the Quranic operating system and mindset. Most participants took the opportunity to show unity towards the holy scripture.

“I would like to show my respect towards the Al-Quran and enliven the month of Ramadan by reading it,” said Bahieah, a political science student, when asked why she chose to join the programme.

“This is a good programme since it encourages people to stop their busy life for a while to focus on the ibadah,” expressed Tuan Muhd Nur Amirul.  

He added, “As we can see, this programme brings IIUM community and people from outside, regardless of their position, background, ideology, political affiliation, race, ethnicity, and religion.”

“Al-Quran was first revealed in the month of Ramadan. Hence, as we now live in the special month, the recitation of the Quran is a good effort which differentiates the month of Ramadan from the other months,” said Muhammad Faruqi who comes with his friends from the same Kulliyyah.

This year’s #QuranHour created The 2019 Al-Kahfi Mission. It aimed to invite the communities to understand the four challenges and solutions from ‘ibrah of Surah Al-Kahf. In this #QuranHour the focus was on the deliberation of Surah Al-Kahf from every angle including the ‘divine solution’.

The mission in making the ummah understand Surah Al-Kahf is intended to prepare them in terms of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual perspectives. Understanding of the surah will be the fort and base for the ummah to acquire the capability of steering life in accordance with the guidance of the Al-Quran based on the framework underlined by Allah S.W.T. ***

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