Engage confidently with your audience, communication workshop told

By Nadhira Maizam

Effective communication transpires concise information from the speaker to the audience or listeners. Because language is arbitrary, abstract and ambiguous, misinterpretation is likely to happen when conversation takes place. Human beings, nonetheless, could minimise misunderstanding while exchanging information if they are equipped with adequate knowledge and skills to construct a meaningful communication.

Entrepreneurship Secretariat of IIUM Students’ Representative Council 2018/2019 (SRC) in collaboration with Youth Business League (YBL) has taken an initiative to assist students to establish good communication skills.

They have been conducting a series of training to inculcate competence in both entrepreneurship field and communicative abilities on every Friday since the beginning of semester 2, 2018/2019. Every training session will be covering different topic, facilitated by different notable speakers.

Last Friday (8 March) the fourth communication workshop was conducted at Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT).

This workshop aimed to provide a platform for students to master additional skills in business and communication that could be useful when embarking on a new career especially in corporate world.

Chairperson of SRC’s Entrepreneurship Secretariat 2018/2019, Mohamed Azmudeen Bin Barrat Husain, believes that there is a multitude of knowledge to be learnt outside of the classroom setting. He envisions these training sessions to become a medium for seeding interest and garnering talents from students of IIUM and public individuals.

“There are certain things that can only be learnt when you venture outside of university,” Mohamed Azmudeen said.

Raudhatul Jannah Binti Mohd Rozli

The fourth workshop, conducted by Raudhatul Jannah Binti Mohd Rozli, former Vice President 1 SRC 17/18, targeted to elevate students’ confidence in engaging and managing their audience as a speaker.  

This training session guided young entrepreneurs to involve with their audience efficiently and effectively, utilising both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Raudhatul Jannah emphasised, “It is not about the quantity but the quality of the speech.”

She reminded the audience that every communicator has a responsibility of what is being said. “Good skills in communication therefore could reduce the mistakes that the speaker would commit when a giving speech,” she said.

The workshop had stored requisite knowledge, brilliant qualities and remarkable adroitness that students need to undertake real life experience outside of university boundary. Students are encouraged to join upcoming sessions that will continuously be organised every Friday. ***

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