New building at Akademi Fateh Hakim to accommodate more students

By Aina Aqilah

GOMBAK, 8 March 2019: Akademi Fateh Hakim (AFH) has opened a new building called Akademi Fateh Hakim 2 in Kg. Sg. Chinchin, Gombak to allow for more students to enrol and participate in the school activities starting from last Sunday (3 March).

The opening of the academy was launched by Tuan Mohd Fadli Adha Mohamad Rashid, a professional certified archery coach from Panji Wangsa Club.

AFH is a learning centre for students aged between five to 17 years old. The academy not only teaches the Quran reading lessons but also other courses like archery, robotic and chess.

The opening of the new building is to accommodate the increase in the number of students to ensure that they will have a comfortable learning environment.

AFH has also collaborated with IIUM’s club, Jamiyyatu Khadamatil Quran (JKQ), to conduct Quranic classes for the children, where a Q-ICE team has been formed to guide the children in Quran learning.

‘There are a number of IIUM students who registered as facilitators of this programme. So, we send the facilitators according to the schedule that we prepared,” said the leader of Q-ICE team, Aina Nazifah bt Ya’acob.

‘The academy has attracted many students because the facilitators from IIUM are really good in teaching and they are fun,” said the principal of Akademi Fateh Hakim, Ustaz Ismail Akzam.

This year the academy will organise more programmes and collaborate with Q-ICE team to enhance the children’s learning.

“We will organise many more programmes and we also accept any club that is keen to carry out a programme for our students,” said Ida Rahayu, the programme coordinator of Akademi Fateh Hakim. ***

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