Why you should choose IIUM to pursue your study

By Alya Nadiah

Now is the season of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) holders and school leavers to decide about one of the million decisions of life. Choosing a university to further your study is important as it will affect the life you’ll live.

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) is known as one university that promotes Islamic studies in any course you take. Here are some of the things you should know if you choose IIUM to direct you in your life:


Called as ‘Mahallah’ that derived from Arabic word, it refers to rooms or hostels provided by the university in the campus for their students from the first year of studies up until you graduate from IIUM. The students will be placed in a room of four people with so many facilities to ease their studying journey. You have a café at every mahallah, a guard who will make sure your hostel is safe at all time, and a very comfortable room with your own compartment.

Islamization as university’s mission

In line with its mission to integrate the Islamic revealed knowledge with the secular Western civilization, IIUM promotes Islamization of studies in every course offered by the university. Some of the lecturers even came up with their own books of certain subjects and disciplines that have been Islamised and made known to international level. IIUM emphasises on Islamic perspective, be it social sciences, humanities and professional disciplines, so no matter what course you will be taking, Islam will always be in your mind and understanding.


Other than Mahallah and Islamization, IIUM is famous as an international university as students from abroad come to Malaysia to further their studies at first degree, masters and PhD. By studying here, you will be able to make friends with international students. Have I mentioned that this will give you an advantage when you travel to another country? If you have friends from the country you plan to visit, it will certainly make your vacation much more fun and easy. You will be meeting friends from Saudi Arabia, Sudan, China, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, among others, and many more countries.

Not only that you will be meeting foreign friends, some cafes and restaurants in IIUM serve international foods too. We have tenders from Istanbul, Arabs, Chinese and more. You will enjoy the tastes of varieties of foods from different countries and the culture that comes with the students.

Language enhancement

Language enhancement for English and Arabic language are the subjects required by the university, particularly for Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences.  You are required to finish the level of the subjects in order to graduate. By this, you will be able to improve your English language which is needed nowadays to secure a job. You will also be at an advantage in Arabic language. A multilingual person will be at a great advantage in the future when it comes to seeking a good job.

Miscellaneous facilities

In the university campus, there are so many facilities around you which include computer laboratory with Internet facilities, various kind of foods from different countries, huge and comfortable library, a mosque at the centre, a Musolla in every kulliyyah building, coffee shops, and many places to chill after a long day of classes. Wi-Fi signal is also available around the campus. The university also provides buses from Mahallah straight to your kulliyyah. Printing services are also available in case you require printing and photocopying of assignments and study materials to be done.

Student’s societies and clubs

While studying here you might need to join activities on weekends to clear up your mind and have some fun while socialising. There are a number of societies and clubs in the campus you can join. Many of these societies and clubs provide activities such as hiking, camping, facilitating school students, volunteering for needy societies and even bonding programmes. This would be a golden opportunity that every student should grab before the four years of studying period end as this is the only platform to enhance your soft skills before venturing into the real world of working industry.

Disabled-friendly environment

As you walk around the campus, you might notice a few signboards for the disabled persons or special pathway made for them to move around. They receive privileges and strong support from a unit called the Disability Services Unit (DSU) which was established, aimed to cater specifically to the needs of students with disabilities. It is the university’s effort to ensure equal opportunities for students with disabilities in accessing the comprehensive teaching and learning environment.

Ultimately, choosing a university as your tertiary level of education in your life is essential as its environment and nature would affect the way you live your life after graduating. Particularly, it could affect your performance of studies and learning environment alike which most of us are struggling to finish all the semesters for a roll of Bachelor title. The International Islamic University Malaysia is not a mistake as you chose it. However, no matter what choice you make, Allah surely has a plan for you.  ***

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