Let’s visit IIUM Souvenir Shop

By Sarah Amris

Care to bring home some souvenirs to share memories of your days in the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue? If you are about to graduate from IIUM you probably would be eager to look out for something that’s worth treasuring to bring back your feeling of the good old days at this university.

IIUM Souvenir Shop offers a number of souvenir items you can purchase to bring home or may be bought as gifts for someone you love. Graduating students, especially those from abroad, living far away from Malaysia, often visit the Souvenir Shop to look for some gift items or souvenirs before they return home. They want to share with their love ones their university’s identity where they studied, to capture significant memories spent at this university, or to bring back the good moments while studying in IIUM. It might not be easy for them to come back to IIUM, so if they buy souvenirs, to be kept as memories of their days in IIUM.

Located at the Rectory Building and as part of IIUM Gallery, the IIUM Souvenir Shop was established in November 2017. It is an official outlet for IIUM merchandised items and brings out the identity of IIUM as a premier international Islamic research university.

Varieties of products are available at the Souvenir Shop, ranging from fridge magnets, notebooks, keychains to photo frames, mugs, jackets and T-shirts. It is open on Monday until Thursday from 9.30a.m to 12.30p.m and from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. On Friday, the shop opens from 9.30a.m to 12 noon and from 3p.m to 4.30p.m. The most interesting part is that members of the IIUM community will get special price. Let us all visit the IIUM Souvenir Shop! ***

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