Bangladeshis hold “Pahela Baishakh” celebration first time in IIUM

By Muhammad Rulli Mandafar

GOMBAK, 30 April 2018 – For most people across the globe, a New Year celebration might come once in a year, but for people in many parts of Bangladesh, they cannot wait to make merry and indulge their hearts’ contents to celebrate their respective regional new year.

Bengalis around the globe celebrate “Pahela Baishakh” (1425th Bengali New Year) on 14 April.  Also known as “Bangla Noboborsho”, the auspicious day marks the first day of the first month (Baishakh) of the lunisolar Bengali calendar.

Celebrated by the IIUM Bangladeshi community, “Pahela Baishakh” was the first ever held in IIUM.

Rifath Riaz Biku, who was one of the committee members said, “This is our traditional event in welcoming Bengali New Year, and this is the first time in IIUM. We are so happy to organise this programme because it is a platform to introduce Bangladesh culture to the IIUM community.”

Conducted in HS Square, the event was open to all members of the IIUM community where various activities such as games, sing along the anthem and cultural performance were conducted. An award giving ceremony was also held for Bangladeshi students who performed well in their studies.

There was also a traditional Bangladeshi food festival for all foreigners who attended the event.

No Bengali celebration is ever complete without good food, and a good round of desserts. The Bengali New Year is no different. Ilish maach (ilish fish), rice, chanar dal, dhokar dalna, and a variety of food were prepared by Bangladeshi students.

According to Rifath Riaz Biku, this programme was helpful in promoting Bangladeshi culture to foreigners as well as serving as a reunion and a bonding time for all Bangladeshi students in IIUM.

The IIUM Bangladeshi community expressed the hope that this event will get bigger in the future. ***

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