IGNITE’s theme: “Always Seeking Knowledge”

By Khairi Yusri

GOMBAK, 2 March 2018: Over 250 students who had attended the IGNITE’s opening ceremony last Thursday (22 February) had the opportunity to listen to a fruitful talk.

Held at the Main Auditorium, the talk was organised in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the programme themed “Always Seeking Knowledge” to promote the culture of love for knowledge among IIUM students.

The talk was delivered by two experienced speakers – Prof. Dato’ Dr. Syed Arabi Idid, the former Rector of IIUM, and A. Kamal Bahri, an administrative officer of STADD.

In his speech, Kamal Bahri Abu said, “IGNITE is held to encourage the IIUM community to seek for knowledge through experiencing, going to class, and actively involved in activities.”

“Be part of all the activities in the campus. Enjoy yourself and have a varied and meaningful life while you are still studying,” he added.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Syed Arabi said that the Muslims should always be knowledgeable in order to help improve the Ummah’s welfare.

If you do not have knowledge, you will never advance the welfare of the Ummah,” he said.

Prof. Syed cautioned that today’s Muslims should not be too proud of the intellectual superiority of the previous Ummah, but must take lessons from past history to increase knowledge for the benefit of the Muslim world.

“When we talk about the discovery of the Muslims in the past, please do not be tied by history, just take history to guide us, because the Muslim world is in pain with no new discovery.”

The opening ceremony, which marked the start of IGNITE’18, offered four interesting programmes to IIUM community for one week, which ended on Wednesday (28 February). ***



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