Dauntless ROTU Army Exhibition at IIUM-Nama Convocation Festival 2017

By Afifah Zamri

GOMBAK, 7 November 2017: Previously known as Voluntary Armed Forces (VAF2016), the Dauntless ROTU Army Exhibition (DaRE ’17) will start off this year showcasing major uniform bodies in IIUM namely ROTU Army, ROTU Air Force, SUKSIS and SISPA.

Organised by Nadi Askar Wataniah Club and Student Affairs Development Division (STADD), the exhibition will be held this Thursday (9 November), at Saidina Hamzah Stadium, 8 p.m.

DaRE ’17 is a programme that consists of exhibitions together with performances and demonstrations.

“We want to publicise and introduce uniform bodies to IIUM community as well as to inculcate good moral values and strong volunteering spirit among students volunteers,” the Programme Manager of DaRE ’17, Amirul Aiman told IIUMToday.

Various performances will be shown such as gimmick, drumline, dikir barat, silent drill, acrobatic, wardance, martial arts and final performance.

“We hope this exhibition can show the audience the capability of Malaysian army in various types of fields and professions,” added the Assistant Programme Manager, Nurhaishah Amran.

She went on to say, “It is our final goal to reach all communities in this campus and the public outside IIUM to join us in this exhibition on opening ceremony IIUM – Nama convocation festival 2017.”

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