The magic of smiles

By Fatin Nabilah Ruslan Affendi


“The expression one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothe one wears on his back” – Date Cornegia.

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness. People around the world perceive smile as good and positive. Whenever we are having a good time we normally smile. Everyone in this world wants to be happy regardless who they are or in what position and situation they face.

Smiling is the habit of happy people. I do believe that if we can turn smile into a habit then you can turn happiness into a habit too.

Have you ever wondered what a smile can do? A smile has tones of benefits. It will give effect towards you, your body and people around you. Before you read this, make a nice genuine smile on that beautiful face of yours.

First, you will become more attractive when you smile. Research has proven that people find others more attractive when they are smiling. In other words, you become a better looking person just by smiling. In 2011, Face Research Laboratory at University of Aberdeen, Scotland has conducted a research on showing people face expression and rate them. The result showed that both male and female are more likely to be attracted to those who are making eye contact and smile.

Second, the smile is very contagious! It will affect people around you. Have you ever felt sad or down and when someone give you a huge smile and some laughter, despite those feeling, you will smile back to the person. For instance, when you are watching a baby smiling you will automatically smile back. This has been proving true.

In Sweden, they have conducted a research by showing several pictures of emotion: joy, angry, fear and surprise. People will reflect back on what they see. If people don’t smile back they are actually making consciousness effort not to. Smile at the world and the world will smile back at you, don’t you agree? Other than that, smile also helps in building better relationship. When people smile at you what is your first thought? “He or she seems nice” right? With that genuine smile of yours, it will also offer encouragement to the person you are talking to.

Finally, smile makes you simply feel good. Just by smiling makes you feel better. This is because when we are happy or feel good, neurotransmitter dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are released. It will not only relax your body but it also helps in lowering heart rate and blood pressure. By smiling it will release serotonin as anti-depressed and mood filter.

However, you might find it hard to smile due to circumstances in your life. Our thoughts and feelings influence our behaviour. If you face this situation, I encourage you to close your eyes and think of the moments that have made you laugh and smile. How does this make you feel? I hope these exercises are great for helping you smile. Why waste those good looking face of yours? Let’s smile, smile happiness looks gorgeous on you.***

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