Kulliyyah of Medicine reps to fight for students’ brighter future

By Raja Umi Nurshahirah Raja Izzuddin

As many people know, a university can play an important role in shaping the students’ thinking through imparting of knowledge and providing a useful platform to instil good values, motivation and leadership, as well as in building right expectations for them to face reality in life upon graduation.

Students are therefore encouraged to use the best of their time while studying at the university by getting themselves involved in social activities of student clubs and societies that readily provide them with useful opportunities to gain the necessary skills and exposure. They would also be able to develop greater consciousness of responsibilities and roles in exercising their democratic rights in the election of office bearers.

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) election that is held every academic year is one important avenue for students to put into test their spirit of awareness and consciousness of what have been going on in the university, and to educate themselves.

The SRC is indeed to serve and safeguard the welfare and interest of the students.

In the recent SRC election held in September, the Kulliyyah of Medicine (KOM) in Kuantan had elected Nur Afirah Zainal Abidin and Fatin Azzahra Lokman, both in their fourth year, to represent their constituency.

They both had good years of student experiences and had pledged to assist students in terms of financial and welfare, and to make IIUM the leader in medical health-related issues with Islamic perspectives, and to promote mature political views and values among medical students.

Thankful of the trust given by their constituents they expressed readiness to shoulder the responsibility to handle complaints and to work harder to address issues faced by the students.

They also promised to help students to obtain scholarship as this is the biggest concern among all.

“The reason I joined SRC is because I want to help my juniors in securing scholarship as it is no longer a guarantee for them unlike my batch. I will try to create a strong alliance with students of other higher institutions of learning who are facing the same problem as we do, so that we have a stronger voice,” said Fatin.

She added, “I also want to rearrange my team and put the right person to attend to the right manifesto. Not only that, I also want to bring changes in terms of political principles. I also plan the internal bicycle project for those who do not have transportation.”

Meanwhile, Nur Afirah said, “Besides helping the students to fight for the scholarship issue, I am working to provide other alternatives for them while working out the problem. I am also assisting the students for better facilities at ‘Jalan Hospital Campus’.

In addition, she said, to prepare students to become professional Muslim doctors and ‘dai’e’, I have also started working on Islamisation in Medical School to bring Fiqh Medic in a more serious manner through education and practicality.”

“Another thing is that we want to make sure the SRC is known to all students. Last but not least, of course, we want to realise the triple IIICE of our own university,” she added.

Inspired by previous SRC members, especially Syahirah Fuad (SRC 2015/2016), and putting Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) as a role model, Afirah wanted to become the best leader in the future while holding tightly to the words “Fastabiqul Khairat” in her heart.

Fatin, meanwhile, has been inspired by her brother, Dr. Mohd. Lutfi Fadil Lokman, who recently received the United Nations Young Leader’s award. She also wanted to have such qualities in herself and serve the students and later the ummah very well.***


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