IIUM Syrian Society charity sales to raise funds for Syrian refugees

By Nur Asilah Ali Sabri

GOMBAK, 22 April 2016: The Square (Human Sciences) has been occupied with the crowd right after Jumaah prayer today to help the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Syrian Society in selling food. The selling that was meant for charity purpose is to help Syrian refugees who are currently in need of financial support.

The selling which started at 2 p.m provided various types of Arab food like shawarma, falafel, basbousa and many others. All food was sold out in within one hour and a half as it was full house. The food has been prepared by some restaurants and a few Egyptian and Sudanese families.

The programme manager of the event, Mohamad Yaseen, is currently in his second year majoring in Engineering. He said the main purpose of the event was to help the Syrian refugees in terms of finance for their medication and to sustain their living in Malaysia.

“It is hard for them (Syrian refugees) to move around looking for jobs since they have no visa or even identity card with them. This makes them possible to sustain themselves and their family,” said Mohamad Yaseen.

Expressing his heartfelt appreciation on the response from the students, he was grateful for the full support from many as he understood the feelings of the refugees who lived in constant fear and trauma because of the war.

When asked about future plans of the society, Mohamad Yaseen said the society is currently working on some plans especially in Ramadan.***


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