Mahabbah Food Programme launched to help starving students

By Azanis Shahila

GOMBAK, 5 March 2016: The International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) has successfully organised a programme called “Mahabbah Food Programme” in an attempt to help poor students who are starving.

The programme was recently launched by the University’s President, Tan Sri Dr. Rais Yatim and it will be continued until it achieved the aim.

It was divided into three different projects which are ‘Based on Coupon’ (collaboration between SRC and MRC), Soup Kitchen Project (SKP) and foods distribution under Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, mosque in IIUM.

Chairperson of Student Representative Council (SRC) Welfare, Abdullah Mohd said, “ This programme is very good to serve the students who are faced with financial problem.”

He also said that the programme was facing several problems like the cafeteria on IIUM campus did not want to accept the food coupon because they were not informed earlier by the authority and the owner of certain cafeteria did not want to deal with the Finance Division because they found it difficult for them to claim the money with coupons.

“However, the problems were overcome by the authority and the programme went very smoothly and it was a success right now,” he added.

“In my opinion any student who is starving should not be shy to ask for this food coupon,” said Mahallah Representative Council (MRC) for Mahallah Asma’, Siti Ainatul Mardhiah Zaini.

“We, as the representative for each Mahallah, welcome any student to inquire for the coupon if they are faced with any financial problem,” she added.

Neng Daris Salamah Elmi Putri Sibron, a student from Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, said, “As a student, I give my full support for this programme and I think this is one of the best programmes organised by IIUM to help students who are starving and in real need of help.”

The initiative to uphold this programme bears great potential “not only in helping students who are facing financial problems, but also in enhancing the image of IIUM as an Islamic university to show concern to the welfare of the students.”***


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