How do you get rid of social loafing?

By Wan Ahmad Khairi

“I hate doing group assignment! There’s always someone who try to avoid playing their part in the group task.” These statements are often heard every semester when students are given group assignments. Social loafing is the best term to describe the person who is a free rider in a group task and always think of other persons to complete the task on their behalf.

As a good student, we must avoid from being part of social loafing or free rider in group assignment. We must keep in our mind that it is our responsibility as a student to give commitment and to participate in a group assignment.

Rather than criticising, how about preventing social loafing from taking place in group assignment? There are several ways to help reduce social loafing.

Firstly, make the task more interesting by including the practical part of the task rather than focusing only on theoretical aspect. Secondly, the group leader should allocate or assign specific task to each person. So, there are no excuses of not fulfilling any specific task in assignment given.

Other than that, give reward to the contributors in assignment group. The person who receives the reward will feel appreciated and motivated to contribute more. As a last resort, to avoid social loafing, we should threaten to drop the name of group members from the list and report to the lecturer.

All in all, the best way to solve any problem is for all of us to make a start. Don’t procrastinate. Be the best, help the rest!

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