Palestinian Resistance Day, 13 November

GOMBAK: IIUM will be hosting Palestinian Resistance Day on 13 November 2014 (tonight) at the Main Auditorium from 8pm.  Hamas spokesperson for International Relations, Usama Hamdan will be present and will be delivering a speech on the night that seeks to gather Muslims of all races and nationalities to stand up for the Palestinians who have had their rightful land taken from them and to ensure justice will be served.


This night of unity has been organised and funded by a number of NGOs across Kuala Lumpur including Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia and the Palestinian Students Association Malaysia (PSA).

Entrance is free to all as organisers are trying to rally as many people as possible to help fight for the Palestinian cause and serve justice.

The organisers expressed the hope for the public not to miss out on this opportunity to meet new people around the campus and do their part to help the Palestinians.

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