Why Thai commercials are so emotional – Suttanipa

By Maryam Iman Binti Norhashimi

GOMBAK, 26 December 2021: “Don’t be too serious when talking business because we Thai people love to party,” Dr. Suttanipa Srisai told a webinar on “IMC for Thai Consumers” on Friday (24 December).

The webinar was organised to introduce students to Thailand as a country profile as well as its characteristics in media consumption.

Every country has its own uniqueness in marketing its goods and services to consumers, and Thailand has proved to have one of the most distinctive characteristics.

The domain of the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) style in Thailand is very much influenced by the humanistic value of the Thai people.

They are known to be heavy consumers of online users, especially for shopping, entertainment and education matters.

Suttanipa said compared to Malaysia, Thailand has a higher speed of online connection as social media like Tik Tok, Youtube and Line are very essential in daily business today.

For the most part, not only the young ones involved in this trend but also elderly parents who favour helping their children study online for the reason to keep themselves up-to-date with current situation.

Suttanipa said that because Thai people hold deeply to their strong hierarchical structure and Buddhist orientation, they always want their consumers to get good message from their advertisement.

Thailand also means “Land of Freedom”, which consists of people who are exceptionally collective and conformed to prioritising human relationships over content in an advertisement.

They prefer watching a good-feeling commercial that is short and has catchy drama with poignant conversations between people.

“Of course, we put stress on our content in the advertisement, but we care more about the ‘decoration’,” Suttanipa said who also agreed on what Thai people are having.

The content in an advertisement may have nothing to do with what they are selling but it is actually for showing a righteous impression of the company.

Overall, rather than simply chasing off individual profits, Thai people focus more on giving better quality of life input through online sphere for the betterment of others, Suttanipa emphasised. ***

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