STEADFAST: It’s not just about teaching, new members told

By Siti Solehah

GOMBAK, 24 October 2021 – Facilitating is not merely about teaching students, rather it is about giving them the opportunity and space to get out of their comfort zones.

A two-day induction programme by STEADFAST was held to help new members to understand the objectives and roles of the club.

The insightful programme was hosted by Akhyar and Anis Shukri who are themselves members of the club. Both the guest speakers Azizi Arffin and Syaza Asyikin were alumni of the club.

The programme mainly focused on providing directions and guidance to new members, to give them the picture of the type of students they will be facilitating, as well as to expose them to students’ sociological and education background.

The speakers enunciated that STEADFAST is a club that does not finite its member to do only facilitation, rather it provides a comprehensive experience to its members.

“Our role as a facilitator is not only limited to teaching the students, but to become the means to increase their motivation in bringing out the best version of themselves,” according to Aziz.

The speakers highlighted that in STEADFAST, members will be taught all sorts of things that are not taught in formal academic classes ranging from how to do paper works to event planning.

Meanwhile, Syaza stressed the work ethics in the club consist of the following – Professional, Systematic, Committed and Bonding.

She said, “These four ethics will reflect on your identity and they are crucial in enhancing your soft skills.”

Both speakers stressed the importance of fixing the intention of joining the club because most students joined the club for the sake of star points and positions which is contrary to the core values promoted by the club.

The induction programme was conducted by STEADFAST via Zoom platform and was attended by 90 participants.

For further information about the club, those interested may check out their Instagram page @steadfasiium ***

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