Three for Secretary seats unfold their manifestos

By Husna Fathiyyah

GOMBAK, 9 April 2021: Three candidates running for Secretary seats of IIUM Student Union Election were given the opportunity to present and defend their manifestos on Wednesday (7 April).

All the three candidates, however, have won their seats unopposed when the election results were announced on 4 April following the closing of nomination a day earlier.

Contesting for Secretary seat, Izyan Fareesyah outlined her intention to enhance students’ marketability for career world and to provide academic care for students’ suffering from mental health disorders.

Using her own experience as the previous co-chairperson of Public Relations for Law Student’s Society (LAWSOC IIUM), she observed that the one-year practical for fourth year Law students before graduating, does not exactly prepare students enough for the fierce competition in the career market.

“Various professions are available (in the market), however students do not have enough exposure on available profession, and career pathway for them to venture during their internship.”

Believing that students need proper workshop and training, Izyan proposed to ensure all Kulliyyah conduct practical training and career workshop. She also promised to bring experts in various fields for conduct trainings with the students.

On her second manifesto, Izyan iterated that students with mental health disorders are left behind academically, as they are unable to master their studies due to heavy academic workload.

To solve this issue, Izyan bid for mentor-mentee programmes specifically for related students, and offers to organise more talks and symposiums with experts in this matter.

Running for Assistant Secretary I, Sofiyah Munirah wants to advocate for copyright and intellectual property issue in IIUM.

She believes that students intellectual property such as Final Year Project must be protected from plagiarism. Sofiyah also hopes to curb plagiarism issue that is widely practiced among IIUM community today.

The former Secretary-General of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Science Students’ Society (IRKHSSS) 19/20 clarified that her experience working in Kuliyyah-based society (KBS) will be a good help for her to contribute more to fellow students, especially being in the elected line-up of IIUMSU.

Meanwhile, the contestant of Assistant Secretary II, Mohamad Adib Hakimi shares the same interest with Izyan. He wants to intensify students’ readiness and preparation for career world.

The Vice President I, American Chemical Society (ACS-IIUMK) Student Chapter wished to raise awareness among IIUM students on career prospect in times of COVID-19, and increase students’ exposure on career opportunity.

Organised by IIUM Election Commission, the online forum was hosted live on Facebook, and moderated by Hazim Hamid from Kulliyyah of Science.

The rest of the forum can be watched here. Students are advised to follow IIUM Election Commission on all social media platform to stay updated with the latest announcement on IIUMSU Election 2021.***

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