Fly High 7.0: Recruiters share what they expect from young graduates

By Nur Aiman Najiha Azman

GOMBAK, 6 December 2019: Jimmy Johnson once said, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

Fly High 7.0, held in campus here on Thursday (5 December), was a platform for future graduates to prepare themselves to be extraordinary graduates before entering the career sector.

In conjunction with the event, several prominent companies like CIMB, Adnexio, and ASTRO were invited to a forum entitled “What We Want From Graduates”.

The session was moderated by the Counsellor of Counselling and Career Services Centre, Nor Adilah Mohd Nor.

Prominent speakers from the companies shared their experience and useful tips on what recruiters want or expect from university graduates.

Affendy Hasni, Head of Growth Hacking from Adnexio shared several important things employers are looking for from young graduates.

1- Be resourceful.
2- Young graduates have to work hard. There is no shortcut. Put your time and energy to work. Give solution instead of problems.
3- Have some common sense in doing work.

Iman Karim, Branded Content & Partnership, Content Group at ASTRO, emphasised that graduates nowadays need to come out from their comfort zone.

He said, “New things don’t come out when we have the same people with same thinking around us. Graduates need to have different perspectives.”

Iman, who is an alumni of IIUM (Psychology Department), added that the ability to communicate and to be presentable is so important.

He advised students to go to any Career Fair and “find out what your interest and what you can do for yourself.”

Terrence Chow, Sale Wealth Trainer of CIMB, shared many tips on how to be presentable during interview.

He highlighted that during an interview session, graduates have to dress properly. “Show the passion to join the company.”

“But before that, do research about the company. At least, take note about the background of the company. Don’t come with zero knowledge,” Terence Chow explained.

Young graduates have been advised to prepare themselves physically and mentally before entering the career sector. ***


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