“Dear laziness, please go away!”

By Sarah Rashdi

Today I don’t feel like doing anything

 I just wanna lay in my bed

-Extracted from Lazy song by Bruno Mars

Well, thanks a lot Bruno Mars for this song! It is very much related with what students feel today.

To accomplish the duty as a student, lots of things need to be put into consideration. Students are often busy with ‘tons’ of assignments to submit and classes to attend, also not to forget their personal life affairs. Yet, 24 hours a day was given and it is still not enough. Why? It is because the unwanted ‘special guest’ always demands for more attention.

By the way, who do you think the ‘special guest’ here refers to?

“Dear laziness, I’m begging you. Please go away.”

Oh no, stop! If you think begging is effective to dispel your laziness, then you are so wrong. You create space for negative things to take control of the body. Soon, it will lead you to stressful and gloomy day. End up you will be lying on your bed and abandon all the assignments.

“Weekend, weekend, why quickly end?”

Obviously, time goes on by its nature and does not change at all. You juggle with personal life matters, your duty as a student and worrying about the money to support your study. Trying to manage all these things at once will make you unaware of what happened around you. Surely you would feel stressed, but it is normal. However, if you manage your time wisely, then stress would not even dare to come and give you a visit.

Harun Johari, an excellent student majoring in shariah law, recently shared a few tips at the Appreciation Ceremony for Scholarship Receiver by Tamanni Project, regarding how he managed his time prudently. He is a son to his parents, a husband to his wife, a father to his kids and a student to his lecturers. However, 24 hours a day is more than enough for him to give his full commitment of carrying out his responsibilities and live a happy life.

“You enter the university to study and seek knowledge. So, this is a great opportunity for you to study deeper about yourself too. Grab it and learn more about being the best version of you,” he said.

Also, he encouraged students to avoid doing assignments and studying at the very last minute as it will become a burden later on.

He also put an emphasis on the connection between man-man and man-God that students tend to ignore when they are going through a hectic day in their life. “You must be concerned about your relationship with human beings and Allah. Moreover, the most crucial thing is to put Allah on top of everything. Then only you will realise that everything which is impossible for you is not impossible to The Almighty,” said Harun Johari.

Normally, students would keep on repeating the same routine every day. Therefore, why not try to switch off the autopilot mode of your mind and take a short escape from your ordinary yet so busy life?

There are many ways to relieve stress such as reward yourself with savoury foods. Also, you can have movie time or coffee time with your friends and strengthen the bond.

If you feel like your mind is full of worries, then you can visit places with beautiful scenery. Literally, you should get yourself an ‘inner peace’ to clear your mind of negativity.

“Come on inner peace, I don’t have all day.”

Alfred Bester once said, “The mind is the reality. You are what you think.” Therefore, stop whining “ugh, life is so hard being me,” and change it to “my life is brilliant,” in order to help you obtain happiness throughout your busy days.***

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