Mineral water issue: On policy put on hold and Student Union

By Ariani Mohd Nor

GOMBAK, 11 October 2019 – Students’ Representative Council (SRC) has spoken about the extension of the mineral water lift ban.

“We have convinced them that the (ban of the) plastic bottle policy will only be implemented by phases,” said Faten Sharmila Shafiqah, chairperson of the Welfare bureau, SRC.

“Thus, the policy will not be permanently set in campus as long as there is not enough water dispensers to cater for everyone in IIUM.”

The verdict was welcomed with a round of applause as well as cheers of support.

President of the SRC, Irham Dollah, also mentioned that with the establishment of Student Union, pressing issues like these can be further avoided as students will also be part of the university governing body.

“Tell your group (of friends), your classmates, and your Mahallah friends,” said Idayu Mumtaz from the Academic and Intellectual bureau, adding that “Student Union means giving the power back to the students. Think about it.”

This statement was made after the mineral water ban lift on 14 September, where SRC announced that they will be discussing matters with the University Management Council (UMC) regarding their policy that does not provide any alternatives. The deadline was 28 September.

On 1 October, SRC has announced that there will be an extension of the ban lift until further notice – which has yet to be discussed anywhere in their social media accounts, where SRC members connect with the IIUM community.

The policy is left on hold, and was finally announced during their Annual Grand Meeting at Main Auditorium, IIUM yesterday (10 October). The event was attended by about 200 students, including former SRC members and student leaders. ***

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