It’s Sarah Rahim and Anwar Hadi at IIUMToday

By Hafiz Asnawi & Najmi Mamat

GOMBAK, 30 November 2016: IIUMToday yesterday received Sarah Rahim, a popular personality famous for her astonishing cake design in Instagram, and Anwar Hadi, an active member of English Jer social movement who often featured on YouTube.

Both took a tour of and IIUMToday newsroom after sharing their ideas with listeners in the studio.

Anwar Hadi was impressed with the development of IIUMToday and radio that were able to provide students with latest information and news on happening around the campus. Their visit were warmly welcomed by IIUMToday members.

“I wish to have had such an experience like you are going through now getting involved with news reporting and news writing during my previous time in university,” said Anwar Hadi.

“This is a good opportunity for students to develop their writing skills as well as communication skills,” he added.***




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