IIUM volunteers visit Pusat Jagaan Al-Fikrah

By Shazni Ong

KAJANG, 25 April 2015: Forty volunteers from the Organisational Communication case studies class under the Department of Communication visited the Pusat Jagaan Al-Fikrah Malaysia, a care centre for the old folks as well as the sick and the disabled.

Volunteers were dispatched around the centre vicinity to help and assist the occupants. Majority of the volunteers were given the chores of cleaning the area and cooking in the kitchen, while others were required to maintain the backyard and entertain the old folks.

According to 23-year old fourth year Organisational Communication student, Nur Atikah Bujang, who went for the trip as a volunteer, it was a good event because we could contribute something to those people in need.

“We actually gained a lot of experiences from the trip. For instance, the old folks there were able to share some of their experiences with young volunteers like us. Besides that, it made us realised and be aware that we should appreciate and take care of our parents,” she added.

Meanwhile, other volunteers felt that they managed to learn valuable lessons and experiences from the trip. Nurfathiah Azian Salehhudin, 22, saw this event as making volunteers see the world from a different perspective.

“It’s good because our young generation can see different perspective of this world, instead of focusing on our own world. I hope they can learn something from this event,” added Nurfathiah here yesterday.

“Alhamdulillah, we were given the opportunity to be with those in need. I wish that the society would give more attention and help them,” said Azzrulkhan Hasrullah Matsah.

Speaking to IIUMToday after the trip, the programme manager, Quraibah Abdul Razak, said that the voluntary trip is a collaborative effort between the class Organisation Communication case studies and the Communication Students Association (COSA).

“The aim of this trip is to develop a sense of humanity by visiting and spending quality time with the community. And I can say that the event was a success and we obtained many new experiences especially on handling non-profit organisation such as Al-Fkirah,” said the 23-year old final year Communication student.

Accompanying the volunteers on the trip was Dr. Rizalawati Ismail, who is the case studies class lecturer, whereby she believed that it was a successful voluntary event.

“I am proud of all volunteers who were involved and I hope the students have learned something from the project. I also hope that there would be more charity trips of similar nature in the future,” said Dr. Rizalawati.

Dr. Rizalawati later handed the donation to the supervising officer, Mr. Sazali Haji Mohiden. The event ended with a photography session consisting of both the volunteers and the old folks.

Located in the middle of the Kajang neighbourhood, the volunteers departed IIUM around 9 a.m. and arrived about an hour later. Upon reaching the centre, they were welcomed by some of the old folks and greeted by Sazali Haji Mohiden. Volunteers were then dispersed into small groups whereby the tasks given varied.

The opening of the Al-Fikrah Care Centre was officiated on 15 July 2012. It was established with the help from funds from the public. Currently, there are 73 occupants staying at the care centre. ***

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