Kuantan Campus to House a Herbal Garden

The seeds of a new herbal garden at the Kuantan Campus have been planted early yesterday with an announcement made by Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Zaleha bt Kamarudin.

“Planting a herbal garden, also called a natural medicine garden, is good, because we need to create awareness,” commented Tun Jeanne Abdullah at the “Hutan Kita @ IIUM ‘Planting for the Future” programme launch Saturday morning.

Tun Jeanne, who also sits on the Board of Governors of Landskap Malaysia, said that students must know that the whole of Asia practices Traditional Complimentary Medicine (TCM), and that Malaysia has the best medicines to offer.

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She revealed that many foreign PhD students have been entering the forests of Malaysia, especially in Sabah and Serawak, to learn about Malaysia’s medicinal plants, only to sell their theses to major pharmaceutical companies. These companies then break down the plants into its core components and recreate these components chemically, turning them into the medicine we consume today.

Rector of IIUM, Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Zaleha, said that Tun Jeanne will be visiting and helping out with the concept of a herbal garden at the Kuantan campus, the first tree-planting programme for the campus.

The “Hutan Kita @ IIUM ‘Planting for the Future” programme involved more than 700 students and staff of the university who planted 2014 rainforest trees in hopes for a green-lung campus.


Click here for more images of the programme.

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