Communication Department’s tour sparks interest among students

By Hakim Mahari

GOMBAK, 7 October 2022: A recent visit to Communication facilities by 45 new intake students on Wednesday (5 October) has sparked greater interest in the communication field among them.

Hosted by the Communication Student Association (COSA) with IIUMToday, IIUMTV and, and IPRMSA the visit aimed at building relationships with the new students.

During the visit, the students were taken on a tour of studio facilities and IIUMToday newsroom to gain exposure to how the campus radio and online news portals operate.

They also visited the facilities of the IIUMTv as well as the operational office for COSA and IPRMSA.

According to one of the participants, the one-day visit hosted by COSA has given them a lot of experience and knowledge.

“This visit opened an opportunity for us to know what this department offers and has indeed exposed us to the operations of the electronic media that are being taught in IIUM,” said Mohamad Dinie Durrani.

He added that the tour has proved the department focuses on theoretical learning and practicality with hands-on experience.

This tour was part of the Communication Academic Briefing (CAB) that was organised physically at HSC Seminar Room 2 at AHAS KIRKHS building on Wednesday (5 October).

Aiming at providing comprehensive information about the programme that is offered under the Communication department, CAB was attended by 45 new students along with academics.***

Hakim Mahari

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