Mahallah Uthman’s cafeteria receives backlash over massive dirty dishes

By Hakim Mahari

GOMBAK, 25 May 2022: Mahallah Uthman’s cafeteria has received the spotlight on Facebook due to the recent posting made by a student condemning the dirty condition of the cafeteria during the peak hours.

A Facebook posting that was made available in the group “IIUM online” described Mahallah Uthman’s cafeteria as the dirtiest cafeteria ever on the Gombak campus. 

Third-year Fiqh and Usul Fiqh student Amir Farid, who is also a resident of Mahallah Uthman, shared that living there for three years has made him not wondering if the public were to question the cleanliness of that cafeteria.

In the interview, Amir stressed that it is the bitter truth of what actually happened in Mahallah Uthman’s cafeteria currently and it has become worse compared to the situation before the pandemic. 

“At that time, it was more orderly and cleanliness was quite controlled because there was a cleaner who was responsible for collecting used dishes. But, in the post-pandemic period, the cafeteria is faced with the declining number employees.” he told IIUMToday. 

The Financial Controller of the Mahallah Uthman’s Representative Committee, Ahmad Norhaiqal also agreed that lacking manpower in that cafe is the causal point that made the cafeteria currently in bad condition, especially during peak hours.

“As a result, used dishes and cups are left piled up on the tables, in addition to feral cats eating from the leftovers. However, the workers are still collecting all the dishes but not in immediately,” Ahmad Norhaiqal shared.

Amir Farid further said that the Facebook’s posting certainly has made a negative impact on the image of Mahallah Uthman, as it is not a perception or an accusation, but depicting the truth. 

In an effort to curb this issue, Ahmad Norhaiqal said a discussion has been made between MRC, Mahallah’s principal, and the cafeteria owner to cater to the ongoing issue to bring about a good and clean environment to that cafe. 

“They can provide a space to place the stalls, but it is possible that the stalls will be confiscated by the owner of the stalls, whoever the person buys, so they may be afraid that the students are misplaced and will be mixed up,” Ahmad Norhaiqal said. 

It is hoped that the Mahallah Uthman’s cafeteria will be able to restore the good image and a clean environment which could benefit not just the residents but all students in this campus.***

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