IIUMSU Election Commission committed to uphold spirit of campus democracy

By Hakim Mahari

GOMBAK, 22 January 2022: IIUMSU Election Commission (EC) 22/23 is committed to enliven the spirit of campus democracy among the students for the upcoming Student Union election, its chairman, Nabil Haziq told a press conference yesterday.

He said this in the light of the previous campus election that saw voter turnout at 32.70% for all three campuses which he said “is very worrying”. 

Nabil told the press conference that the participation of both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the election is crucial to ensure sustainability and accountability of the student union. 

“We must understand the upcoming IIUM Student Union Election 2022 is a true manifestation of students’ democracy where the union is an independent institution upholding our rights and voices.

“Therefore, we hope that every student’s society, Kulliyyah Based Societies (KBS), Mahallah Representative Council (MRC), students’ political fronts and IIUM Student Union will act promptly in the upcoming IIUM Student Union Election 2022.

“Start our advocacy efforts now! We don’t have much time left until the upcoming election,” Nabil emphasised. 

Meanwhile, Media Advocacy of Election Commission for Gombak campus, Siti Fatimah Idayu, stressed that the increase in voter turnout is not solely the responsibility of the EC, but all students as stakeholders of the university must take part.

“We are planning for several mobile advocacy means in collaboration with student’s societies in the coming election to enlarge the target audience,” she added. 

In this regard, Nabil also shared that the EC is planning to hold a town hall session through collaborative efforts with Kulliyyah Based Society (KBS) and in liaison with the Kulliyyah to collect data from previous elections.

“We will model and prepare a framework that presents the actual data in regards to the involvement of the students in campus election.

“From there we will see clearly which year or which department that chose not to exercise their rights as the stakeholders of the university, and several solutions will be proposed based on the data avaliable,” he explained.

The IIUMSU EC Chairman also stated the EC’s firm stance that involvement of the student political front will not be legalised in this upcoming election as it is committed to remain objective and uphold its integrity. 

On the election methods, Haziq said IIUMSU and the EC are dedicated to use the iTasweet as the official e-voting platform.

“All matters concerning nomination, canvassing, polling, and anything related the election will be done through this system,” he said. 

iTasweet is the first production-ready blockchain-databases application in the world that was launched in March 2021 for use by IIUM students during the election since COVID-19 prohibits them to cast their votes physically.

The new digital voting system was used for the first time during the IIUMSU election on 9 April last year for students to elect their representatives.

The press conference also revealed the new lineup of the Election Commission 2022/2023.

An early announcement of the lineup was to allow preparation to be made aimed at improving the practice of democracy in campus and in conducting a fair and just election as provided in the election rules and regulations.

Here is the full list of the new lineup of IIUM Student Union Election Commission 22/23:

  1. The Chairman, Nabil Haziq bin Yazid
  2. Vice Chairman 1 (Gombak campus), Mariam Munirah Binti Che Mohd Adli
  3. Vice Chairman 2 (Kuantan campus), Nur Aiman Shahirah Binti Azman 
  4. Vice Chairman 3 (Pagoh campus), Nur Dalili Faqihah Binti Fazil
  5. Secretary 1 (Gombak campus), Mohamad Syamil Bin Muzamil 
  6. Secretary 2 (Kuantan campus), Ubadah bin Zamry
  7. Treasurer 1 (Gombak campus), Abdullah Iskandar Bin Mohammed Alaudin 
  8. Treasurer 2 (Kuantan campus), Nur Ardani binti Mohd Nor 
  9. Media Advocacy (Gombak campus), Siti Fatimah Idayu binti Nur Farihan
  10. Media Advocacy (Kuantan campus), Nur Aqilla Binti Ahmad Bakri 
  11. Media Advocacy (Pagoh campus), Nuwaira Zafira Binti Zafri 
  12. Registrar (Gombak campus), Nur Izzatul Sofika Binti Mohd Yusof
  13. Registrar (Kuantan campus), Muhammad Arif Bin Mohd Robi
  14. Registrar (Pagoh campus), Nurfatihah Izzati Binti Samarrudin 
  15. Information Technology (Gombak campus), Muhammad Afnan Bin Che Hassim
  16. Information Technology (Kuantan campus), Nur Zahrina Nadhirah Binti Zaharudin 

Also present at the press conference were Muhammad Haikal Azhar, the lead developer, Marzouq Abedur Rahman, the developer of the blockchain technology of iTasweet, representatives from Kulliyyah Based Society (KBS) and Mahallah Representatives Committee (MRC), and student’s political front.

For any inquiries or updates regarding the election, students can reach out to the IIUM Election Commission through these platforms:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iium.electioncommission/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IIUM-Election-Commission-100167898174667

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iiumsu_ec ***

Hakim Mahari

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