Genting Malaysia reviving memories towards the endemic 

By Azimah Zainal

A young adult was sitting on the bed scrolling through his social media timeline when he stumbled upon a thrilling video. It was a video of the most awaited outdoor theme park, Genting Skyworlds. 

A glimpse of hope, anticipation, and excitement flickered through his eyes at the idea of reviving his youth back to supposedly be ‘the most beautiful moment in life’, if only the pandemic had never happened.

The movement control order (MCO) in Malaysia has been lifted after more than a year of surviving the COVID-19 pandemic and most people want nothing back but the opportunity that they have missed. 

It was the chance to create an abundance of memories with people they love wholeheartedly with entertaining and enjoyable activities away from the confined space of their home.

The hashtags #gentingskyworlds and #gentingoutdoorthemepark which garnered around 1.6 million views and 5.7 million views respectively on the TikTok platform have grown anticipation from the public on the attractions that Genting Malaysia has to offer.

Undeniably, the noise arising on Genting Skyworlds Theme Park started ever since it was previously known as 20th Century Fox World in 2013. 

Expected to start operating in 2016, it was delayed to 2019 and further postponed to the end of 2021 due to the pandemic COVID-19 outbreak which had limited the construction works on the development and improvement of the theme park located at Resorts World Genting.

In facing these challenges, Genting Malaysia Berhad (GENM) is consistent in shaping the organisation towards a more sustainable way of operation by creating and reconstructing approaches that are actively responsive to the needs of the environment.

The Chairman of Sustainability Steering Committee and President & Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Genting Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Lee Choong Yan in his statement on the sustainability of the organisation, mentioned that GENM ensures that the resources used are conducted sustainably through innovations and energy optimisation programmes which could minimise the energy consumption and consequently lessen the environmental damage. 

“I am confident that we will make a positive contribution to the recovery of the tourism industry and economy as a whole, thanks to our deep risk knowledge, close stakeholder relationships, and capital strength,” he continued.

As Malaysia has permitted interstate travel for the fully vaccinated since October, GENM expected Resorts World Genting to be swarming with visitors upon its reopening.

Hence, GENM is currently taking a longer technical rehearsal period to test the facilities provided at Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park, especially on the thrilling and extreme rides that require a detailed inspection of its safety. 

A few staff and VIPs who are mostly influencers were invited to test out some of the rides to give feedback on improvements that should be taken into account by GENM.

The effort in ensuring the visitors are safe from harm or any unwanted incidents is also in line with GENM’s mission in providing the most delightful and memorable experiences to their customers.

Around this cold season of December which correspondingly marks the holiday month of school, it is the perfect time when families would bring their kids around for a vacation or a trip to an exhilarating place for bonding time. 

During the pandemic, many would have thought whether there is a chance for them to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Eve with their friends or family who live poles apart from them.

Moving towards the endemic, the chance finally presents before their eyes.

Although the outdoor theme parks are still not available for the public, GENM’s decision on the partial opening for Christmas celebrations for visitors to enjoy and experience its entertainment facilities is a good start to achieve their mission.

The videos shared on the TikTok received remarkably great response from the public. Some were excited to experience the cold temperature in Genting Highlands, Pahang for the first time.

Their smiles in each picture taken around the Christmas decorations and the clips of the performances, as well as the sight around Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park might resonate deeply as one of ‘the most beautiful moments in life’ for them.***

(This article is written as part of feature writing exercise for Corporate Writing class)

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  1. My last visit to GH when I was in my secondary school. Last week I had a chance to bring my family to the resort. Surely the cable car was our option. I do agree with the authors that the place is an interesting place for family visit. But during the current school holiday, we must tolerate the long que.

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