Harith Naim to continue the legacy of HISTFORIUM

By Hakim Mahari

GOMBAK, 13 December: Third-year History and Civilisation student, Muhammad Harith Naim insists to continue the legacy of the Secretariat of History and Civilisation (HISTFORIUM) for it to play a significant role as a centre for History students in connecting with the department and the kulliyyah.

Raised in Kuala Lumpur, Harith Naim started his leadership in HISTFORIUM during his first year of study and he has been given a responsibility to hold the position of Head of Multimedia Bureau 19/20, Vice President and President for 20/21.

In the interview with IIUMToday recently, Harith Naim shared his view on the candidates that won uncontested during the AHAS KIRKHS Election where 8 of 10 seats of Council of Secretariats won uncontested.

The number is rather worrying but Harith Naim positively said it was the perception from the public on how these candidates will exercise their position and he felt it is okay for them to be worried as the seats won may appear against the spirit of democracy.

“But, it should not be a barrier, instead candidates including myself should take this chance by proving our potential to the students.” he told IIUMToday.

Highlights of manifesto proposed by Harith as follows:

  1. To empower History students position and potential. History students have a lot of potentials that can be shown and used for our own marketability. Therefore, it is significant to make use of Histforium as a good platform to unearth the potential of all students.
  2. To continue to fulfil the needs of History students. Histforium plays a role as the bridge between students and the Department and it becomes the soul purpose for Histforium to help History students on any matter.
  3. To enhance the Intellectual, Social and Educational role or ISE role in each upcoming programme of which the purpose is to make every programme more impactful and meaningful to the students.

The seat for Council of Chairperson (CoC) Secretariat of History and Civilisation did not get much participation from their respective students which makes Harith Naim the sole candidate to win the seat again as in the previously tenure he held the position as president.

However, he believed that this happened due to responsibility of these seats which is not as easy as ABC but it might require one to be the “Jack of all trades”.

“It did not take a day to be a good leader, it is a long process indeed. As for me, the experience I gained from working at the low level as the committee member to the position I hold today.

“The essential point is to be honest with our subcommittee or anyone we work with in order to build each other’s trust, that is how a good leader can be raised” he added.

HISTFORIUM was first established at the Petaling Jaya campus in 1994 following the need for students majoring in History and Civilisation to have a platform for them to develop and compete with the learning environment at that time.

After 26 years of its establishment, this students’ secretariat is still operating, aimed at strengthen the bonds amongst the students of the History and Civilisation.

HISTFORIUM was among the first students’ society in IIUM which was committed to provide exposure and to boost students’ interest in history through events and activities that were conducted.

This secretariat is also interested to broaden its connection by reaching out to the public and various communities outside the academic sphere.***

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