Najwan and Ammar want to do their best for POSSA

By Hakim Mahari

GOMBAK, 9 December 2021: Both candidates for the Chairman seat of Secretariat of Political Science (POSSA), Muhammad Ammar Syahmi and Najwan Arief, showed mutual goals in their decision by nominating themselves in this election and aiming to give their best.

As a second-year Political Science student, Ammar Syahmi is confident in bringing betterment to the department by executing goals that cover the students’ activities, marketability, management, and information dissemination. 

Meanwhile, Najwan Arief, who previously served as Financial Controller 2 wishes to contribute more to POSSA to grow even further. He’s been involved in POSSA since he was in his second year and served as a committee member for the Public Relations Bureau, and was appointed as the Assistant Head of the Education Bureau. 

Interestingly, AbdulHamid AbuSulayman Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences Election this tenure showed significant changes for the constituency itself where the seats for Chairman of Secretariats are now contested together unlike previous elections.

In an interview with IIUMToday, Ammar Syahmi stressed that it is a great initiative by the Kulliyyah in embracing the culture of democracy. 

“I hope that this initiative can raise the awareness of democracy among AHAS KIRKHS students and also eventually increase the number of turnout of voters on election day,” he added. 

Agreeing with Ammar, Najwan said that by exercising this great initiative, democracy is being upheld, and students are given the right to choose their leader. 

“The election will make the chosen leader accountable to the students. I applaud the effort by the Kulliyyah and IRKHSSS for including the Chairperson seat in this Election. Maybe, we could have a full election for the Secretariats mainboard in the future.” 

Further commenting on the manifesto that was promoted by the candidates in this election seems similar to another, Najwan positively believed that it showed how everyone is aware of the concerns themes such as Academic, Welfare, Intellectual and Employability. 

“The manifesto might look almost the same but the mechanism used by the candidate could be different in terms of implementation,” Najwan said. 

The manifesto for the candidate number two, Najwan Arief, is focused on three components that the Kulliyyah has established as criteria, which is ISE – Intellectual, Social, and Educational. 

  1. Honoring students’ efforts by hosting a Dean’s List Awards Ceremony for the Social part. He believes that each student’s effort should be recognised and may serve as a catalyst for students to strive for tremendous success in the future.
  1. For the Intellectual part, he proposed broadening the intellectual horizons of political science students by organising more Political Discourse on a broader range of political subjects and inviting industry players to share their experiences.
  1. Promotes graduate employability and marketability through workshops and interactions with industrial stakeholders. This manifesto suits very well with the Educational part of ISE. Additional to that theme, Najwan proposed reinforcing the connection by establishing a one-stop centre for Academic Affairs and Information Dissemination. A standardised method is required for academic management and communication for all information to reach students effectively.

Meanwhile, below is the manifesto brought by candidate number one, Muhammad Ammar Syahmi:

  1. To centralise and gather all Political Science students in a single platform for more effective information dissemination. The plan is to create an official telegram for all Political Science students and gather all the information on the group as there are too many Whatsapp groups for Political Science students
  1. To restructure the management of the secretariat for an efficient system. The idea is to reevaluate and restructure all the bureaus on the secretariat based on their job scopes for more effective production. We will try to have a team of management that holistically covers all student’s activities, academic affairs, welfare, and spiritual development.
  1. To develop more holistic activities in the department via intellectualism, activism, and community engagement. Besides intellectualism programmes such as talks and workshops, more activities within the field of activism and community engagement align with Kulliyyah’s mission in engaging with the outside community.
  1. To establish a leadership academy or platform specifically for political science students in generating more prospective leaders of the department. The idea is also to increase the engagement with the junior students in participating in the programmes and management.

Both of the candidates convey their hopes and wishes to the students of Political Science to exercise their responsibility by casting their vote in this upcoming election that will be held on Thursday (9 December 2021) from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. ***

Hakim Mahari

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